I am the Insurance Carrier


When you contact Yellow Jackets Electronics Restoration regarding a new claim, our Claims Coordinator will discuss the assignment with you, arrange a site and scope evaluation and initiate with your insured and other contractors representing the restoration team.


Throughout the claim process, you will be updated on scheduling, items in process, non-salvagables, repairs, and replacement requirements. We also directly communicate the concerns of the insured.


Every item on every claim deserves the best representation. Yellow Jackets provides in-depth reports with item images and room views that give full context to the individual item’s exposure and range of impact from the affected areas.


When we are contacted to evaluate and offer our expertise on electronics and appliances for a claim, we interview and document all of the pre-existing “AS-IS” conditions and include all contributing circumstances in our reporting. We provide forensics testing as requested. For a sample copy of our consultation reporting please email us at info@yellowjacket-er.com and we will send you sample reports representational of your loss/claim.

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